The ABC’s of Ambulatory EMR Training and Acceptance


  • Accept: The Practice must be 100% committed to the process
  • Allow: Create an atmosphere of learning, participation, and group discussion
  • Arrange: Find time for the staff to participate in workflow adaptation
  • Acknowledge: Communicate that everyone has an integral part in the process


  • Build: Take ownership in the process
  • Balance: Allow time for work, practice, and adaptation
  • Bestow: Be confident and allow each team member to be heard during the adaptation process
  • Benefit: Make sure the whole team understands the benefits of adopting an EMR


  • Customize: Allow local experts to help you customize the EMR to your workflow; then test, test, test
  • Connect: Take the time to connect the patient process from arrival to discharge
  • Collaborate: Foster team ownership throughout the patient’s care management experience
  • Communicate: Open communication for all staff members

Even with the aid of a pre-packaged EMR training program, implementing a training program is difficult, yet essential to your project’s success. Whether you are just beginning your EMR training program or are partially through the process, Divurgent can help. A commitment to a project’s success and a flexible, scalable training approach provides our clients with the expertise necessary to plan, manage, and implement a training program that meets the unique needs of our client’s organization.


While go-live success is dependent on a variety of different elements, like people, process, and technology, experience proves that there are common factors that are essential to a successful training and go-live program. Some of these factors are: proper pre-go-live planning and preparation; experienced go-live leadership teams; accurate and effective go-live training; an optimized support staff; and the definition and measurement of key metrics. These are the strategies that differentiate the 70% of organizations who are successful in their go-live endeavors and the 30% who will fail.

Divurgent can help. We are committed to:

  • Providing Thought Leadership
  • Providing Exceptional Value for our Services
  • Facilitating Knowledge Transfer
  • Ensuring Client Satisfaction

To learn more about Divurgent’s Training Program, click here.

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