Opioid Crisis

CHIME Opioid Task Force.

The opioid crisis in the United States is having a devastating impact on individuals, their families, and the healthcare industry. Divurgent shares and supports CHIME’s commitment to tapping into the CHIME membership, with over 2,600 members in leadership roles in nearly 5,000 healthcare institutions and related entities, to help stem the tide on this crisis.

“The opioid crisis is sweeping our nation – it’s taken a hold on our communities, and Divurgent is truly honored to be part of this task force,” said Colin Konschak, a founding task force member and supporter of the task force’s continued effort to get a hold on this disease that is sweeping the nation. “As a pharmacist, a member of CHIME, and long-time partner of healthcare organizations, I’m proud to be part of something as powerful as this task force.”

CHIME sought to harness the talent and knowledge of its diverse membership for this task force, which was created in response to the magnitude of the opioid problem. The task force encourages broad and active participation of members to identify and promote best practices and build an evidence base to inform public policy.