CHIME Foundation

The College of Healthcare Information Management Executives is an exclusive organization for healthcare CIOs and is a way for HIS vendors and consultants to interact. CHIME is a huge networking opportunity. Being a part of the foundation allows members to participate in sponsorship opportunities, seasonal forums, benchmark data, and monitor surveys or focus groups to create and share innovative ideas.

As part of the requirements, Divurgent must encourage, develop, fund and implement programs that foster the empowerment of CIOs and the advancement of the Healthcare IT industry. Together, members and CIOs collaborate to develop professional education and leadership.

Divurgent is not the typical healthcare consulting firm. As a nationally recognized company, we are committed to healthcare evolution and the strategies and processes that make it possible. We help our clients evolve in payment and delivery reform, as well as patient engagement, providing higher quality of care, lower cost of care, and healthier communities.
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