Achieving an Information Technology Organizational Redesign

Our client hired the DIVURGENT Advisory Services team to help them redesign the organizational structure of their Information Technology (IT) Department to align with future initiatives and overall organizational strategy. The IT department was at an interesting crossroad. With their reporting period for stage 1 meaningful use about to begin (with anticipation that they would readily meet the reporting requirements), senior management wanted to take time to conduct a review and ensure the IT organization was structured in an optimal manner to meet business needs. Key questions pursued included:

  • Is IT leveraging industry best practices?
  • Is IT organized in a way that is optimal for the organization?
  • What new skillsets might be required?
  • What SLA’s (if any) are required?

Does IT have the right demand management model? DIVURGENT utilized a combination of best practices reviews, client interviews, analysis, and development of alternative organizational approaches to develop the best go-forward approach. In the end, DIVURGENT produced a plan that is well-defined, could be endorsed by senior management, and is readily implemented.

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