ACO: Building Data & Analytic Platforms

This is one in a series of blog posts discussing Divurgent’s 2014 IT Organization Best Practice Study.  To view earlier blogs from this series, click here.

The bulk of the market is still fee-for-service, but many are waiting for the inevitable “jump” to the pay-for-performance model. As yet, actuarial, value based revenue cycle management and advanced analytics are not required to be successful in the risk sharing world. But that will soon change. In preparation for this change, many large health systems are doing “practice runs” for an ACO by forming physician relationships, testing various workflow models within IT, and using commercially available technology – but not taking on the risk associated with a full ACO.

Through 2016, no vendor will provide a comprehensive ACO solution. As a result, IT is being asked to assemble and even build the necessary data and analytic platforms. Currently, the focus is on population and care management tools but even that limited set of functionality requires significant capital investment. Within IT, an ACO organization is being established to coordinate the acquisition and building of new solutions and leverage existing IT assets to minimize the cost.

See What CIOs Are Saying About This Topic

“I worry how we are going to measure the Triple Aim of better care for each patient, better health for the population, and lower cost for the population. We must determine the right data to gather and measure the right outcomes. We want to make sure we have the patient and the provider sharing in the making the decision.”

“The first step is to stratify the population and identify the 5-7% that are going to take the most resources to provide care. You can improve their quality of life and reduce the economic spend. You want to be in a position to be proactive in the care of these high cost patients and that is where the ambulatory applications can be most helpful.”

“We have been looking at both buying and building a data warehouse. It is expensive and it will be a difficult process. There are only a handful of vendors, but there are very narrowly focused.”

The topic of the next blog entry will be mHealth / Telemedicine.

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