Tips from an Activate Recruiter #ReadySetGoLive

As go-live recruiters, our inboxes and voicemails are continuously filling up from the massive responses we receive from candidates wanting to get on the next EMR implementation.  The next several years are going to be vital in the world of activations, and Go-Live projects are going to need candidates with backgrounds in Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, Allscripts, Eclipsys, Nextgen, and Siemens. So whatever the system, whatever the skills, candidates should stay at the top of their game.  Every year, the candidate pool gets larger and more competitive; developing and maintaining a strong relationship with your recruiter is imperative in landing the perfect job.

As recruiters, we know what candidates are doing right, what stands out, and how to help qualified consultants get hired. First and foremost, creating a solid professional resume is key to landing a position on a go-live.  Everyone crafts their resume differently, and has their own style when it comes to formatting. We’ve learned that the more details you have, the better! Providing specific details about your responsibilities and activities at each go-live will help your recruiter understand what your strongest areas are, and how to sell them. Don’t leave out any core competencies you’ve developed over your career—something you thought is irrelevant could be a differentiator.

The second thing to always keep in mind as you’re looking for your next Go-live gig is to make use of your recruiter—we’re here to help, literally, it’s our job!  Keeping us up-to-date on your project schedule, upcoming availability, new skills, everything will help us help you transition to the next Go-live. Here are some tips on how to really get the most out of your recruiter relationship:

Email, Email, Email! When providing your recruiter with information (schedule, resumes, profile summaries, etc.), be sure to provide the best, most accurate information. A lot of times, projects need fast recruiting on our side, so responding quickly and consistently when additional information or questions are needed is crucial when going up against short deadlines. Trust us when we say, if you are a good fit for a go-live, we will certainly be in touch! 

Open and Honest Communication: Direct communication goes a long way! As go-live recruiters, we fully understand how competitive this industry can be. So being as truthful as possible about your experience, background, qualifications, and certifications will help us place you in a position where you’re able to succeed and grow. Open and honest communication with your recruiter will help with finding that perfect job!

Referrals: What’s the best way to thank your recruiter, you ask? Here it is (drumroll please)…..QUALITY REFERRALS. Refer someone you believe will do an outstanding job in implementation support, whether it is someone you worked with on your last project, or someone you’ve known for years. We’re always looking for more resources.  You may even be compensated for it!  Who wouldn’t want that?

So you’ve landed a position on a go-live…your relationship with your recruiter doesn’t stop there.  We receive constant feedback from project managers, team leads, and even the client on your performance throughout the duration of the project. Feedback is priceless!  As a go-live resource, leaving a good impression on a client by being helpful and impactful during a go-live is great for future referrals, not to mention a resume booster! 

Work hard, stay focused, and make your recruiter proud! #ReadySetGoLive

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