Big Data: The Strategy – Pt 2

This is one in a series of blog posts discussing Divurgent’s 2014 IT Organization Best Practice Study.  To view earlier blogs from this series, click here.

Democratization of data is a key component of any Big Data strategy. This aspect of a big data strategy will focus on how to position data in such a way that the context of the data is maintained and provides self-service data analytics tools to end users. IT organizations are not positioned, nor do they have the resources to be the only purveyors of data analytics within a healthcare organization. To spur innovation and speed, the pace at which value can be obtained from big data, IT must be an enabler of data analytics.

A new skill set is needed to interface between the business and data at the highly granular level to provide actionable insights. To meet this need, a new breed of user is emerging which is a combination of techie/informatics/operational expertise that will drive the use of big data to improve processes and clinical outcomes, and manage the risk associated with providing care to a patient population. IT must position itself to support this new breed of data user.

Most views on the roles and responsibilities for big data fell into the following three layer model providing a clear delineation between IT and end user responsibilities.  

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“Some CIOs want data analysts in IT, but there is a risk. IT is a service organization, and we are currently seen as a bottleneck for report writing.”

“I would argue in favor of decentralizing and having someone else owning data analysis process.”

“Our plan is to build universes on top of what’s already there and put it in the hands of the key business folks, teams outside of IT and embedded in clinical and business areas.”

“We are going to have a group of data analysts in IT but we are strongly encouraging, coaching and willing to pay for people outside of IT to gain skills as a data analysts.”

The topic of the next blog entry will be HIEs, No Longer Viable?

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