Healthcare’s Y2K: Countdown to ICD-10

Ready or not, here it comes. Tomorrow we find out if the decidedly named “Y2K of Healthcare,” or ICD-10, will be a total industry meltdown or a non-event. Is your facility ready?

We won’t waste your time with a lengthy blog about how to prepare for the go-live—but we will provide you with some quick tips and resources to have on hand as we all wait for 12:00AM, October 1.


  • Prepare your Providers, Coders, and IT Department for glitches
    Set aside time for a detailed review of any disruptions in systems integrations and connections related to coding and conversions
  • Ready Physicians and Coders with quick coding-reference tool-kits
    I.e. Quick-Look ICD-9/10 Mapping for Top 50 Diagnoses for your practice
  • Educate your Patient Community
    Provide clear communication through emails, newsletters, etc., informing your patient community about any claim delays to expect
  • Keep the Coders Coming
    Recruit, bring on, and train new coders, and don’t be afraid of recently-certified ICD-10 coders without hands-on experience. Consider supplemental at-the-elbow support and post training to support proper submissions during first initial weeks, especially if you anticipate backlogged claims
    CMS will not deny claims billed under the Part B physician fee schedule for a 12 month grace period, as long as physicians use a valid ICD-10 code from the correct family.
  • Audit Yourself
    Conduct mini coding audits regularly to support Reimbursement expectations and contract requirements during the transition


Keep an eye out for a white paper coming out later this month—we’ll be delving into how organizations can take the next 12 months to improve their ICD-10 programs, including continued coding training for coders and physicians, compliance and coding audits, as well as clinical documentation improvement programs. If you want advice now on how to optimize your team and resources, you can contact me at

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