Clinical Advisory Services

Security is no longer just a technology problem; today’s cybersecurity threats come from a wide variety of sources: traditional hacking, social attacks, internal threats, and now cyber-terrorism and infrastructure attacks. Focused solely on healthcare and healthcare providers, Divurgent offers a flexible approach to our services that is founded on the notion that one-size-does-not-fit-all, and our Team works closely with an organization’s stakeholders to develop and implement a security solution that fits. Our Cybersecurity Service areas offer a full-suite of solutions, including:


By initiating our exhaustive Risk Assessments and Technology Vulnerability Assessments, we identify risk points across technology applications and entire infrastructure. Areas of our Assessments include an examination of organizational policies, procedures, risk points, and attack vectors across the enterprise. For more information on our Assessments, click here.

Strategic Planning

After dissecting an organization’s vulnerabilities, our Team develops a strategic Cybersecurity Roadmap that aligns with the technology, processes, and culture of an organization. Our Strategic Planning includes Risk Identification and Mitigation Recommendations, Remediation Plan, and targeted Communication Strategies.

Organizational Transformation

Implementing a tactical design to transform an organization that adopts and fosters a culture of security-awareness is an essential task to instilling a cybersecurity plan that will endure time and organizational changes. Our Organizational Transformation Services include leadership and end-user Trainings and incremental Information Security Audits.

Managed Security Services

Divurgent’s industry-unique suite of cybersecurity services includes 24/7/365 protection through our managed security services, which offers ongoing monitoring of an organization’s environment through either our SOC and Incident Response services or our Annual Subscription Services.


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