First Line of Defense: Cybersecurity Strategies in 2016

The year 2015 marked an era of security awareness across the healthcare industry, as we began to fully grasp the potential of cyber threats, the complexity of securing our data, and the repercussions of gross under preparedness. Cybersecurity is now a top priority for health systems, hospitals, clinics, you name it, as the cost of a security breach is something no organization, or CIO, can afford.

According to the 2015 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey:

  • 66% of organizations experienced a security incident
  • 87% of respondents confirmed that security had become a critical business priority
  • 81% of believe more innovative and advanced tools are needed to combat security threats

The focus on cybersecurity in 2016 will only grow stronger, and CIOs are looking for security advisors and providers of security solutions that can stand up to the growing sophistication of cyber-­‐terrorists. Essential elements of an organization’s 2016 cybersecurity strategy will include:

  • Identifying stakeholders across all business units and reinforcing the necessity of increased IT defenses
  • Improving enterprise-­‐wide security & threat awareness, driving a culture of security consciousness within every employee
  • Conducing rigorous penetration & vulnerability testing to identify gaps and weaknesses in security infrastructure
  • Deploying a security monitoring system to provide 24/7/365 security

Divurgent recently released an exciting announcement in cybersecurity services being offered to healthcare providers. Working with healthcare CIO, CSOs, CISOs, and CTOs, Divurgent and General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services are now collaborating to prepare the industry’s security leaders for the next generation of cyber-­‐attacks as the industry moves to a more cyber-­‐connected environment.

With this collaborative agreement, Divurgent now offers providers cybersecurity monitoring supported by top-­‐tier General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services analysts in their security operations centers. Divurgent and General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services will be attending the Annual HIMSS Conference & Expo this February, where cybersecurity will be a strong focus for attendees.

To read more about Divurgent’s collaborative agreement with General Dynamics Commercial Cyber Services, read our full press release, here.

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