Demystifying Big Data and Business Intelligence

Six months ago the face of the Big Data market was the Wild West with over 100 vendors vying for attention. Today, Health System trends are starting to resemble reusable patterns. Nevertheless, we are in the infancy stage of “Big Data,” and experimentation is abound. CIOs are feeling the pressure to have better, more complete data and sophisticated data analytics capabilities.  Unfortunately, this industry imperative gets fuzzy after the initial call for “more data.”

The solution to this Big-Data Dilemma is often a matter of finding a data aggregation foothold, leveraging new and legacy tools and data, and creating a roadmap that sets a 3-5 year vision. However, roadmaps are only successful with good data governance as the foundation, which requires management to clean, categorize, and validate valuable data, as well as creating ownership of the data.

For the next several months, Divurgent’s Advisory Services Team, comprised of highly experienced Business Intelligence and Data Analytics professionals, is offering 1:1 pro bono discovery sessions to ask C-suite members the important questions about the dynamics of Big-Data and its impact on the industry:

  • What exactly is behind the “Big Data” hype, and what real business issues does it claim to address?
  • Since there is no single solution on the market how are vendor products being “cobbled together?” With what success?
  • What kind of staffing approaches, timelines, and budgets should health systems expect in order to obtain robust analytics capabilities?
  • Who is doing it well? What kind of results are they getting?
  • What are the key success factors they have discovered for an effective Business Intelligence strategy?

Divurgent’s Vice President of Advisory Services, David Shiple, has teamed up with other Business Intelligence thought leaders to provide a comprehensive approach, tools, and methods that demystify healthcare business intelligence and “Big Data,” bringing value from an EHR’s data. To learn a little more about the services Shiple’s Team is offering, please view out Data to Action brochure.

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