Divurgent Services and the Baldrige Framework


Our engagements often begin with a structured assessment of the strategic context within which the solution at hand is being developed. We work with each client executive to ensure that we understand the exact nature of the organization and the forces that are shaping it, before we begin to determine how to address the particular problem or opportunity that is the focus of the specific engagement.

1. Leadership
Improving how the organization’s senior leaders guide and sustain the organization

2. Strategic Planning
Improving how the organization formulates and deploys its strategic and operational plans

3. Customer Focus

Improving how the organization engages its patients and other stakeholders to ensure long-term marketplace success

  • Assessment of Competitive Environment (part of Assessment phase of each Advisory Services offering)

4. Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management
Improving how the organization systematically uses data and information to drive overall excellence

5. Workforce Focus
Improving how the organization builds and maintains a workforce environment conducive to performance excellence

6. Operations Focus
Improving how the organization designs and manages its key processes to continuously improve patient and stakeholder value, and ensure ongoing success and sustainability

7. Results
Improving how the organization monitors and assesses its performance relative to competitors and world-class benchmarks in all key areas

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