Divurgent Team Members Gather for 3rd Company Retreat and Raise $5,000 for Partnership for a Healthier America

Virginia Beach, VA. October 28, 2013—Divurgent Team Members nationwide are returning to normal business, without missing a step after the 3rd Company Retreat, held October 17-19 in Washington DC. Appropriately themed The Chaos Theory, this year’s retreat focused on the rapid changes impacting the healthcare industry and how Divurgent Team Members can continually provide the best outcomes for our clients and the communities they serve.

Divurgent was honored to have Mike Neal, Senior Vice President, President, Cerner Pacific of Cerner, Bert Reese, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Sentara Healthcare and Divurgent’s Advisory Board Chairman, and Brian Hermanspan, Vice President of Business Development for HealthLeads, as this year’s guest speakers. Each speaker engaged Team Members with intriguing presentations dedicated to the trends among the healthcare industry, the future of Health IT, and how these trends affect those providing services to hospitals and healthcare providers.

“As a company focused not only on healthcare, but also the relationship between technology and the delivery of care, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve in both industry and technology trends. Having speakers like Mike Neal, Brian Hermanspan and Bert Reese provides us the knowledge and insight we need to promote ground-breaking, innovative healthcare strategies for our clients,” said Colin Konschak, CEO and Managing Partner.

Building upon our company vision, Ann Chinnis, Chief Executive Officer of Matrix Executive Coaching, played an invaluable role in Divurgent’s team building and communication exercises throughout the retreat. Prior to the retreat in DC, Divurgent Team Members participated in a DiSC® assessment, and with the help and expertise of Dr. Chinnis, were able to utilize the outcome of these assessments. The facilitated activities associated with the DiSC® assessments helped Divurgent Team Members understand their own communication styles, as well as those of their co-workers and clients, enabling Divurgent to communicate effectively internally and externally.


From left: Bob Hajek, Noell Snider, Ann Domenech, Todd McPeek, Matt Slater (PHA), Bert Reese (Sentara), Terry Farris, Shane Danaher, Patricia Kubler, Lori Mathieu.

Continuing our community commitment to improving healthcare for children across the nation, Client Services Vice President Shane Danaher returned as host to our game show team building tradition. This year’s game show entitled “Washington D.C. Game Night,” a light-hearted spin-off of “Hollywood Game Night,” hosted by Jane Lynch, was more than just fun and games. The goal of each team’s efforts was to raise $5,000 for the Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works with the private sector and PHA Honorary Chair First Lady Michelle Obama to help bring an end to the childhood obesity crisis. PHA Vice President of Business Development, Matt Slater was present at the retreat to represent the organization and receive Divurgent’s donation.

Closing out this year’s retreat, Divurgent recognized three outstanding Team Members with the company’s ELITE award. Divurgent’s ELITE values (Excellence, Learning, Innovation, Trust, Enthusiasm) are used to ensure trust through integrity and communication as well as recognize and reward successful performance. Nominated by their peers, this year’s honorees were Terry Farris, Brian Fitzgerald, and Erin Gordon. These individuals encompass all five ELITE values and have shown an immense dedication to their roles at Divurgent, both to their clients and their peers.

“Divurgent is a virtual company with a very personal approach to the work we do to support our clients. Bringing our entire team together is a commitment to ourselves and our clients. We value our corporate culture and recognize the power of the individual and the team. Holding the retreat provides an opportunity to nurture and share the values that have made us successful to date, ensuring that in-turn our clients receive the highest levels of professionalism and quality to support their goals and missions,” states Mary Sirois, Principal of Divurgent’s Clinical Transformation Practice and this year’s Retreat Coordinator.

About Divurgent

Divurgent is not the typical healthcare consulting firm. As a nationally recognized company, we strive to be different, to think outside of the box for innovative healthcare solutions. Our goal is simple. To transform healthcare to our clients and the communities they serve.

Focused on the business of hospitals, health systems and affiliated providers, Divurgent believes successful outcomes are derived from powerful partnerships. Recognizing the unique culture that every organization offers, we leverage the depth of our experienced consulting team to create customized solutions that best meet our client’s goals. Utilizing best practices and methodologies we help improve our client’s operational effectiveness, financial performance and quality of patient care. For more information on Divurgent visit us at www.divurgent.com

Divurgent’s Community Commitment. Through contributions, partnerships and volunteer resources, Divurgent strongly believes in giving back to the communities where we live and work. Our focus is on strengthening the quality of children’s healthcare – today and for the future.

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