Divurgent’s Knowledge Mapping Approach

servcs1Divurgent’s knowledge mapping workshops utilize large graphical models to rapidly cultivate shared understanding among diverse stakeholder groups, so that concerted action can be taken (confirming the “current state” and envisioning the “future state”prior to embarking upon a major improvement initiative).

Participants can lay out the entire complex situation on a single “workbench”, correlation of workflows can be identified and documented, and the planning of enterprise-wide changes is accelerated.

The Divurgent reference Healthcare Knowledge Map is developed at the appropriate level of detail – specific enough to ensure adequate understanding, and yet not too detailed to prevent seeing the larger system view. (See sample sections below.)

Image-2_Divurgent's-Knowledge-Mapping-ApproachThe data points in the model are color-coded to highlight key workflow steps, technology enablers, and commentary on current issues of adoption, ROI, etc. Additionally, pictures, metrics tables, and reference materials are embedded into the map to further drive accelerated understanding of the health system and the issues at hand.

Using Divurgent’s workflow knowledge mapping approach, the change leaders within your organization are able to better appreciate the complexities of the situation they’re addressing, and collaborate across organizational boundaries.



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