Improving Patient Care and Cash Flow Using an EHR

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) implemented an electronic health record (EHR) in June 2012 to achieve the organizational goals of improved patient care and cash flow.  With the help of a vendor,  the HIM department leveraged the EHR to create operational efficiencies and achieve significant cost savings and performance improvement.

UMMC objectives were:

  • Evaluate methods for performing process improvements within HIM during an EHR implementation
  • Identify methods for automating chart merges during a MPI clean-up project
  • Explain methods for engaging physicians in revenue cycle initiatives using health information technology
  • Identify metrics to monitor process improvement in revenue cycle during EHR implementation

In the end, clinical documentation improvement initiatives included:  CDI integrated into HIM 12 months post go-live, realignment around physician workflows, real-time physician education and support, and collaboration with hospital coding.

Looking towards to ICD-10, UMMC will focus on:  reassigning CDI specialists, focusing on elbow-to-elbow support, and migrating to EHR-based queries.

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