Enterprise State of Mind: Shifting from Siloed Systems to Enterprise Solutions

If you haven’t already felt it, you most assuredly will – the shift from “my system does this” and “your system does that” is ending and we’re entering into an era where enterprise technology operations and integrated workflows in healthcare take precedence over siloed, clunky systems.

Why the Change? Not EHR or ERP Systems, but Enterprise-wide Solutions…

With the development of full-service technology plays being the preferred option for hospitals and healthcare providers, consultancy and implementation partnerships have moved beyond a single-system implementation process. Today, it includes complex decision-based knowledge, intensive optimization opportunities, and integration processes embedded within IT infrastructure and operational infrastructure simultaneously. This demand – this essential shift – is evident in the way the industry is evolving toward and reaching for the Quadruple Aim.

The transition will be complex given the fact that these systems, by core design, share critical data and core analytics to support the business: patients, employees, compliance, credentialing, contracting, revenue optimization, business process optimization, and core BI data. An additional layer of technical complexity exists due to data extraction and the multitude of integration points for these systems to operate in synchronicity.

Everyone. Everything. Everywhere.

Agile enterprise program solutions must position themselves as an “everyone, everything, everywhere” offering to support partners in all key operational technologies, including EHR, ERP, HRIS, HCM, and SCM. Consultancies must now understand the complexity and resource requirements in providing efficient, low risk, and cost-effective support in the merging of the inter-connectivity of these technologies and siloed systems.

Consider all the ways your technology and data are connected – from an operational and strategic perspective:

  • Health Informatics Technology
  • Patient Outcomes
  • Licensure
  • Contracting
  • Human Capital
  • Time & Attendance
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Payroll
  • Accounting/ Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Benefits
  • Total Rewards
  • Compensation
  • Succession Planning

Now think of all the different systems running simultaneously to manage each of the above processes – technology partners are no longer just for the CIO, they span across the entire operational function of a hospital, health system, or clinically integrated network.

Divurgent, having talked with clients and conducted market research, understands the needs and we’re excited to be working with our clients on their own journey from clunky, disconnected systems to a true enterprise solution approach, integrating with and thinking strategically about how, where, and when systems are operating to achieve the optimization of time, cost, quality, and data analytics through technology.

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