Pat Munday

Pat Munday Photo
Vice President, Recruitment

In her role as Vice President, Recruitment, Pat sets the strategic talent acquisition direction that aligns with the organization’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Pat provides the leadership, initiative, and creativity for the company’s recruiting and delivery of talent. Our talented resources serve healthcare professionals and facility operators who care for and improve the lives of people in their communities. We help them manage the business side of healthcare as effectively and efficiently as they manage the delivery of patient care.

Pat is an experienced Healthcare IT Recruiting Executive –  with more than 25 years of experience. Her expertise comes from leading and managing high performance recruiting teams both domestically and internationally. Her ability to maximize talent within her team stems from a proactive, collaborative approach coupled with a strong work ethic.

Pat has been recognized as a Senior Executive in developing strategic approaches to recruitment, fulfillment and client satisfaction. Her successes are founded on characteristics of integrity, discipline, enthusiasm, and execution. She has utilized her leadership to mentor team members, develop effective organizational infrastructure and technology solutions. She has successfully fulfilled many of the largest training and go live projects in the EMR industry.

Pat is well versed in organizational development and leverages a transformational framework that allows her to create and manage change innovation through to execution. It’s a unique approach that allows the organization to build sustainable performance advantage.

Pat earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications/Journalism from The University of North Florida.