HIEs, No Longer Viable?

This is one in a series of blog posts discussing Divurgent’s 2014 IT Organization Best Practice Study.  To view earlier blogs from this series, click here.

The Health Information Exchanges (HIE) market is volatile, but many organizations feel pressured to join an HIE that could potentially fail. This is a real concern, especially since Divurgent feels at least half of all current HIEs will no longer be viable over the next few years.

In local markets dominated by a single Healthcare Information System (HIS) vendor (i.e. Epic, Cerner, etc.), healthcare organizations prefer to use the vendor’s data exchange functions than use an HIE. However, they expressed the need to use an HIE for population management and to connect with healthcare providers using other vendor products.

HIE’s are seen as a risky investment. Public funding is ending soon, but sustainability is not the only problem. Many organizations are now questioning the fundamental value of an HIE as many HIEs are establishing unattainable goals and/or objectives that are much broader than envisioned when they were originally proposed. Many organizations are making minimal investment in HIEs and taking a “wait and see” position.



“Some states are asking all the healthcare organizations for their data and attempting to put that data in a database. This approach doesn’t support what meaningful use is pushing for but the states seem to be trying to do it anyway.”

“We are concerned because we don’t have a lot of interest in collaboration within our region. The actual act of transferring of the data isn’t difficult, but it’s the attorneys from the different institutions that are getting in the way with the consent.”

“If it weren’t for the population management side, I would be tempted to abandon HIE entirely”

“HIEs are kind of a mess, but with meaningful use you are required to do direct exchange of clinical data via an HIS and HIE.”

The topic of the next blog entry will be Bio-medical Devices.  

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