Most healthcare IT organizations believe the IT organization of 2016 will not look like today’s organization. EHR optimization, developing Big Data capabilities, the changing role of informatics, the new role of the CIO, and other topics are pressing.

We will be releasing blog posts discussing Divurgent’s 2014 IT Organization Best Practice Study. Each blog post will cover a topic with our conclusions and thoughts. Today, we are introducing the study.

We started by defining our goal statement: “What does a 2016 IT Organization look like?” We then identified 14 topics that are the biggest concerns to healthcare IT leadership:

  • IT Budget
  •  HIEs
  •  Leadership Role
  •  Biomedical Devices
  •  EHR Optimization
  •  Lean/Six Sigma/PI
  •  Informatics
  •  ACO Platform
  •  Physician Office Deployment
  •  mHealth
  •  PMO
  •  Centralization vs Decentralization
  •  Telemedicine
  •  Big Data

We held 1 hour interviews with 33 CIOs over a three month period, and analyzed the results of the interviews, identifying common themes across each topic. Presented below is a breakdown of the participants in the study.

IT Survey

Stay tuned!  The topic of our next blog entry will be The IT Budget – Part 1.  

To hear more about our study, please contact Divurgent at

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