New Frontiers in Home Telemonitoring

Journal of Healthcare Information Management / Volume 22 / Number 3 / Summer 2008

Home-monitoring technology is a somewhat rare example of highly effective healthcare information technology that patients “get.” Clinical and IT professionals throughout the United States and Europe demonstrate that patients quickly understand and grow to value telemonitoring as a tool to take charge of their own health. Healthcare providers involved with home telemonitoring programs report significant direct and indirect benefits for all stakeholders, as well as a number of lessons learned when working with patients, clinical and medical staff, healthcare administrators and board members and third-party payors. Despite decades of successes, health telemonitoring technologies are still relatively untapped. However, new technologies are reaching the marketplace. Demographic and regulatory shifts are pushing stakeholders toward a new frontier in telemonitoring. Based on their own experiences and an extensive literature review, the authors conclude: the new frontier of home telemedicine is here. Where are you?

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