Setting the Example: CHE and ICD-10

A couple of months ago at HIMSS 14, I attended the “ICD-10 Optimizing the Use of Technology When Resources are Limited” and was truly impressed with this extremely educational session, and as we approach the ICD-10 deadline I find that it’s truly resonating with the industry.  It was well attended with over 1,000 people in the room!

Featured in this session was Trinity – Catholic Health East (CHE), which started their ICD-10 efforts in 2010. They did 2 phases of their transition because of the merger in May 2013, which many healthcare organizations can relate to.

Their leadership set 6 major objectives to accomplish:

  • Computer assisted coding
  • Clinical documentation – set a threshold
  • Web-based training
  • Communication topics – educating their care providers
  • Reimbursement analysis using a business intelligence (BI) application
  • Workflow analysis – (lots of risk!) – used a basic survey

Overall, CHE was one of the first to covert to ICD-10 because of strong leadership championing the project, financial backing, and a team that put a good strategy together.  Organizations, especially those who attended this particular session, are looking to CHE as a staple of successful ICD-10 transitions, and loving these pointers as they continue on in their ICD-10 journey. C

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