Implementation Planning Audit Approach & Deliverables

In addition to the objective areas covered by the checklist, Divurgent will also review the “soft” aspects of program and change management that often provide early warning signs of potential problems. These areas include staff morale, the right skill sets in the right positions, the freedom to speak out on an issue that is not in line with senior management opinion, etc. To accomplish this, Divurgent will conduct confidential interviews with a representative group of project participants and stakeholders.

In the end, Divurgent’s Advisory Services experts will ensure the following conditions are in place:

  1. Stakeholders are fully committed
  2. Clinical and business benefits are realized
  3. Project scope is realistic and managed
  4. Project work and timeframes are predictable
  5. Project team is high-performing
  6. Project risks are mitigated
  7. Changes are managed effectively

As a deliverable, our detailed checklist review and interview results are rolled-up into a summary audit scorecard that can be used to enhance your implementation plan’s effectiveness on all of these fronts (sample shown below).


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