Implementation Testing Is Over. Now What?

You have just released an EMR upgrade that fixes several issues that have been a problem for your organization for quite some time. In the beginning, all seems well and good, but then the Help Desk starts to get flooded with issues that you were not even aware were part of the upgrade. Then you start getting calls from angry Directors and Vice Presidents asking “did you even test the system before you added the new fixes?” You are thinking “where did we go wrong?”

In order to conduct good testing, you need to make sure you plan well in advance. During this planning phase, you need to analyze the upgrade notes and any new scripts that the vendor may provide. When analyzing the new upgrade, identify the existing workflows/processes and other external systems that will be impacted and the timeline for the testing phase. You will also want to start developing test cases and scripts ensuring that you are testing the entire workflow along with any external systems.

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