Microsoft Teams 101: Webinar Recap

Microsoft Teams 101: Webinar Recap

by Emily Carlson, Principal Consultant

On Friday, May 10 we hosted a Microsoft Teams 101 webinar. My team and I had such a fun time showing everyone the basics of Microsoft Teams! We looked at how we have utilized this tool in our lives here at Divurgent, while showcasing all the ways you can incorporate this tool into your daily workflow.

Now that we have covered the basics in our first webinar, I wanted to share the top three things that really won my heart on Teams:

  1. The additional applications that we can bring into Teams. Such as the Zoom AI – I couldn’t believe the ability to link Zoom to Teams and have Ava the assistant schedule meetings. What? Yes, that’s right. With that addition, I can send an email to all requested meeting attendees for proposed meeting dates and times. Last week, this would have saved me 17 emails! Thanks, Teams
  2. Documentation collaboration – at any given time, my team and I are working on technical and process documentation for a multitude of clients. In the past, we would end up working on multiple versions of the document and it can get messy. Now we can edit the document online and see who is editing what.
  3. Workspace – every day I log into my workspace for a quick glance of my day. Meetings, project deadlines, project documentation… it’s all in one location for me to start to plan my day. With our integration of the Zendesk application, I can also have a dashboard view of the number of issues that are being tracked. In one space. In one area. Thanks, Teams!

Did you miss our webinar? No problem. Below is a link for you to access the recording. And, guess what, it was taken right from Teams! Watch the webinar here.

We are beginning to think of topics for our next session. Do you have specific items you would like to see my team cover? Email your suggestions to Emily.carlson@divurgent.com.

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