SUCCESS STORY: Windows 10 Upgrade

SUCCESS STORY: Windows 10 Upgrade

by Emily Carlson

BACKGROUND: The client is a large, religiously-affiliated healthcare system located across multiple locations in the Southeastern United States. They required a migration of more than 35,000 end points (device / computer / tablet) from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Due to the Windows 7 end of life support in January 2020, the migration had to be completed within two deployment cycles. On top of the tight parameters, there were other obstacles, most notably the inconsistency in hardware usage across all locations, and security gaps due to lack of standardization.

SOLUTION: Acknowledging the client’s needs of two deployment cycles, the Divurgent Team utilized a phased approach to align the deployments to the client’s fiscal year and to span costs over multiple years while still meeting required timelines. The Divurgent team, consisting of industry leaders within the Microsoft and IBM fields working in unison with our client-assigned Architecture and End Point Management Teams, delivered the two-phased migration process and best practice implementation standards.

  • Phase I: 6-Month Duration
    • Planning
    • Discovery
    • Assess
    • Design
  • Phase II: 16-18 Month Duration
    • Testing
    • Deployment

RESULTS:  The Divurgent Team met the two deployment deadlines while creating efficiencies and cost savings. The Team created a fully vetted Test Plan and associated Test Scripts to ensure the appropriate level of Windows 10 compatibility was proved for each application. Using analysis from IBM BigFix and Service Now, the team ensured all applications were catalogued in inventory for testing, device refresh requirements and assisted with end of life equipment replacement. Additional results include:

  • Standardization
    • The Team successfully standardized user experience across 30,000 end users and geographically dispersed facilities, including hardware equipment and security standards.
    • Documented design of client’s customized OS image, allowing for standardization across the organization.
  • Training
    • Customized, pre-deployment and role-specific training approach greatly reducing need for external training program, reducing costs associated with training, and increased overall system adoption.
  • Security
    • Analyzed ServiceNow & IBM BigFix integration tools across organization to ensure optimal performance across sites and end points; conducted security review patch for all 35,000 devices for optimal patching process.
  • Deployment
    • SMEs in specific tool utilized for deployment, allowing for a ‘hands off’ migration for OS and User Data.
    • Client FTE partnership with consultants to allow for seamless Operational turnover upon project completion.


If you have questions or want to learn more about this client’s success story or our Windows 10 program, email Emily Carlson at Emily.carlson@divurgent.com or visit divurgent.com/windows-10.

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