Windows 10 Webinar Recap

Windows 10 Webinar Recap

by Emily Carlson, Principal Consultant

Recently my team and I held a webinar on three key components for a Windows 10 Program: Application Rationalization, Encryption of End Point Devices, and the Ongoing Operational Support Needs in Your Windows 10 Environment.

As we were discussing each of these important parts of an upgrade project, I think one common theme was apparent…Governance is an important piece of any information technology environment. While we didn’t intend for this theme to happen, it became obvious through our discussion. Windows 10 projects are a great time to evaluate many aspects of your environment… but, it is also a great time to review the ongoing governance for your information technology group.

Three key components we identified:

  1. Application Rationalization by its inherent nature of the project is an exercise to review your full catalog of applications in the environment. How did it get to a point where there were so many variations that it requires this project? Most likely applications were purchased to help alleviate an issue that the organization was feeling at a point in time. With a governance structure in place, it is possible to find solutions that are already owned that can alleviate environmental concerns.
  2. Encrypting devices is a critical piece in any organization. Data needs to be protected, and that starts with the device it lives on. But many organizations do not have a governance structure in place to revisit the security policies for device encryption. The result? Possibly an approach that no longer covers the change in the hardware itself. A good example of this is the size of new desktop computers… they fit in my purse easier than my laptop! However, there are still organizations that do not encrypt desktops.
  3. Ongoing Operational Support is vital to maintain a patched, secure environment. The Windows 10 approach to patching has made it an undertaking that requires governance of service rings, pilot groups, and the necessity of system administrators to ensure there is a long-term process in place to apply feature updates in a timely thought out approach.

Thank you for your time! It was great to Wake Up with Windows 10 and have this conversation with my team as we uncovered the key components to a successful Windows 10 deployment!

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