Kristin Myers – Vice President Clinical Transformation

Divurgent assisted our Program Management Office in collecting the information needed to retrospectively review our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Return on Investment (ROI) analysis for the Davies Award. They methodically interviewed key hospital leaders who played a role in the initial Epic EMR implementation as well as external parties that assisted in past ROI efforts. The team diligently compared pre and post go live metrics to extract the ROI. Once they had collected the data, Divurgent compiled a comprehensive case study detailing the ROI of the Epic implementation. The case study lists Mount Sinai’s approach to extracting the ROI and reviews the lessons learned during the process. The team produced a comprehensive award winning report that will serve as a reference tool during Mount Sinai’s future implementations. I would highly recommend Divurgent for their expertise in value realization, Epic and Davies Award submission methodology.
Kristin Myers
Vice President Clinical Transformation, Mount Sinai