Navigating Healthcare through Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

Nearly every day we hear on the news and in social media about some type of cybersecurity issue.  Terms once arcane to the public—malware, viruses, hacking, computer breaches, ransomware, to name a few—are now understood on some level by most everyone who uses a computer, whatever their line of work. However, for leaders responsible for providing effective cybersecurity in every business sector, general awareness is not nearly enough. They need to appreciate the level of potential threat and its implications not only for their organizations, but for the futures and perhaps even the lives of everyone their organizations touch.

These days, IT security professionals are not facing small-time hackers probing for a hole in a firewall to commit a prank or steal a few passwords or account numbers. In the cybersecurity landscape of today, they are up against highly skilled professionals that include criminals, terrorists and spies, often with significant funding from criminal syndicates and even countries. The cybersecurity environment of today is no longer about hacking—it is about warfare.

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