RCM Cost to Collect. Focusing on People, Process, and Technology

All of the different elements of a hospital come together, in a hodgepodge kind of way, during the billings cycle.  From processing initial filed claims, to managing claims and denials, to working with patients and following up with insurance carriers, to the long road to collections, there’s a large margin of error, both human and technological, in the RCM life cycle.  Add a new and poorly integrated technology system, and the margin spikes exponentially.

Systemizing an approach to minimize the cost to collect will be the key to fully maximizing an organization’s RCM profitability while improving the patient experience. Looking at the People, Process, and Technology in a holistic way, Divurgent’s RCM Team is able to deliver better support for clinical staff, improve collection processes, and enhance benefits verification.

To see more about how Divurgent’s Cost To Collect Service can maximize the profitability of the RCM life cycle, follow this link to our brochure.

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