Samsung’s “S Health”. Feeding Your PHR?

If you are already using a Fitbit (or the like) to track your steps and stairs, then what follows may not surprise you, as you are already part of the trend to engage in “step competition.”  However, if not, prepare to start the future.  The only difference is you just need to buy your next smartphone now, not an accessory device (though you can buy that also… more to come).

Last week Samsung revealed the next flagship mobile device, Samsung Galaxy S4. Among a boost to all hardware internals and some neat features, it also integrated a new app, and associated sensors, S Health.  S Health is Samsung’s app that will: count your steps, measure temperature and humidity (to sense your comfort level), and can also operate with Bluetooth glucose monitors and heart rate monitors (HRM).

If that’s not enough for you to start realizing it can basically capture your life as you move about, it also integrates a calorie counting tool that is not terribly unlike what is on the market, it just integrates it in order to see calories in vs out.  But wait, there’s more!  Samsung is also releasing a wearable band (like Fitbit, Nike, etc.) that connects to the S4 via Bluetooth and you can wear the band when without your device.  That way, when you return to proximity to your device, it sends all your data since you last were near.

So don’t like taking your S4 on that walk around the neighborhood (or climb up Rainier)?  No problem, wear the band, record the data, and continue on the trend of recording every step you take and every calorie you eat.

Fitbit and the like already showed that early adopters were interested in this, and the market has grown. The question we’ll find the answer to, at the end of April when the S4 is available, is whether or not those who buy a device with this ability, will use it.

We’ve read and heard enough about the possible lack of demand for a PHR.  Do consumers want / need that?  Well now we find out how engaged consumers want to be in proving their fitness since we have removed the barrier to entry of buying a new device that just fits that purpose.

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