Security & Data Compliance

With new regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH, security and data compliance has become a mandatory element for any healthcare organization. Unfortunately, for many organizations it has become a complex one as well. Offering creative solutions to your organization, DIVURGENT help you stay in compliance.

  • Secure Data Destruction
    Health facilities hold an immense amount of personal information within their medical records and if improperly disposed could be harmful to both you and your customers. Companies that fail to protect the data on old computers can contribute to identity theft by leaking everything from social security numbers to information about credit card accounts. At DIVURGENT we guarantee secure data destruction is met.
  • Data Shredding
    • Computers, laptops and printers
    • Hard drives, backup media and CDs/DVDs
    • Telecom equipment, faxes and cell phones
    • Credit card readers and USB flash drives
    • Wires and cables
  • Technology Recycling
    Technology Recycling is not only a benefit to the environment, but it’s a great way to ensure you data is properly destroyed. Whether you need help with disposing your outdated equipment, or are looking for hard drive/media shredding, DIVURGENT has your solution.

    • Secure data destruction
    • No legal risk
    • Eliminates environmental concerns
    • Reuses parts and materials, resulting in reduced waste
    • Efficient, affordable and easy to implement

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