Application Management Services

Support for Existing Applications.

Divurgent’s application support approach offers a full-range of scalable solutions. Our team of experts work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand the need, scope and resources needed. We stay fully engaged with your onsite team to make sure we’re meeting the mark.

Effective, scalable, and sustainable project model.

Divurgent’s team begins this process by aligning a client’s goals with the foundational components necessary to build a legacy program that delivers value – we achieve this through a goal-oriented approach to legacy strategy, organizational alignment, governance model, project scope, and staffing models.

Simple, no commitment agreements.

With teams built to your organization’s project goals, you only pay for what you need. A quarterly review process ensures service levels are adjusted to fit the project as it evolves, and pricing is decreased as applicable.

Local, flexible, “right-sized” support team.

Divurgent’s legacy project staffing is flexible and able to ebb and flow during a project and is designed to complement new vendor and technology project teams, working in unison to align an EHR implementation roadmap with a legacy support management plan.

Around the clock support.

Our team provides 24/7 support, ready to ensure your organization doesn’t miss a beat – day or night.

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