Software Vendor/System Selection

There are three generally accepted approaches that a provider organization might adopt when embarking on the selection of a new IT system – industry leader, best functionality, and system matching. Divurgent’s Advisory Services team advocates choosing the latter of these three options, system matching. Our five-point methodology results in the selection of the vendor/system most in alignment with the organization’s strategic vision, goals, and objectives.

Divurgent’s System Matching Methodology

softThe key principle of the system matching methodology is that the organization’s goals and objectives are given the highest priority. System matching facilitates matching the technology with the organization’s vision, as opposed to other approaches that might focus on changing the organization’s business objectives to accommodate the proposed technology.

The steps of our methodology are outlined here (For more detail about this methodology, check out the Divurgent white paper, System Selection: Aligning Vision and Technology.)

Divurgent’s System Matching Methodology

Critical Success Factors for System Matching

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