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We’re passionate about training and we want the industry to know about it. Divurgent’s training approach, rooted in Adult Learning Theory, considers the varying learning styles (visual, auditory, learn-by-doing) of adults. We design, monitor, and adapt curriculum and classroom delivery based on real-time feedback from trainees. Additionally, our extensive network of credentialed trainers and CRM of each individual’s past performance positions us to provide the highest quality trainers on everything from a simple staff augmentation engagement to the development of a complex training program.

Similar to training, large-scale EHR activations require a tremendous amount of coordination of resources unfamiliar with your organization. Our network of 7,000 vetted activation consultants and experience managing activations of all sizes will ensure that your go live is a success. As part of our activation approach, we collect quantitative and qualitative feedback from end users to make real-time staffing and resource allocation decisions that will save your organization money and improve end-user adoption rates.

Divurgent provided full-time help around the clock for go-live support. Then they continued to support us for a few weeks after the go-live. The support was all top notch. In all honesty, when I look for consulting help, Divurgent is the only firm I look to.

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Solution Structure

The team that you select for training and activation will act as ambassadors of the EHR within your organization. Our methodology offers a comprehensive solution to ensure that leadership, staff, and providers are well prepared to effectively utilize the system and supported by the highest quality staff during the activation.



By measuring and monitoring staff performance we can reposition staff in real-time to ensure the skills and experience match the needs of end users. This recently allowed us to reduce resource needs by 30%.


Our status reporting, dashboarding, and surveying instruments allow for a highly accessible and actionable communication program.


With transparent surveying, we provide performance guarantees for the quality of our team and program.


Our logistics team coordinates seamlessly with our delivery team to ensure a lean approach to project logistics to minimize unnecessary project costs.


We tailor pre-live or ongoing training programs to your unique organizational needs. This includes peer-to-peer, instructor-led training, interactive eLearning, and simulation labs as standalone projects or as a holistic program. Additionally, we have developed a Scholar Program that our partners have found increases training adoption rates, end-user engagement, and classroom effectiveness. This program consists of the following:

  • Training program branding and positioning
  • Communication campaign that promotes clearly delineated training offerings and provides insightful engagement statistics to leadership
  • Multi-faceted training designed to engage end users with varied learning styles
  • A managed, flexible, and sustainable training and education program

Divurgent Difference

  • Divurgent Difference

    Leave-behind training performance dashboards

  • Divurgent Difference

    Training methodology rooted in Adult Learning Theory

  • Divurgent Difference

    Transparent productivity and performance metrics

  • Divurgent Difference

    Unique peer-to-peer training approach

  • Divurgent Difference

    Extensive network of vetted trainers and activation support

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