IT Security Advisory

Information security is not just about technology. It starts with policy commitments, written procedures, physical security, workforce training and awareness. Every department is a stakeholder in the security of the organization as the vulnerability of an organization is dictated by the commitment of every member to following security protocols.

Our proactive approach to today’s top healthcare security challenges, coupled with our team of industry best practitioners, positions us to provide the most effective healthcare security advisory and operational expertise within the healthcare IT industry.

We use Divurgent for a lot of things. They have expertise in process design, system design, security implementations, and peripheral encryption.

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Solution Structure

Our Cybersecurity Solution arms clients with the people, processes, and technology necessary to maintain quality patient care while protecting patient privacy. We work with our clients to create custom security programs. Below are a few examples of the IT Security Advisory services offered by Divurgent.

Healthcare Governance, Risk, & Compliance – Our specialized Advisory Team comprised of both healthcare and cybersecurity experts allows us to deliver qualified GRC assessments and targeted Risk Management services to our clients. This includes risk & compliance assessments, breach response, and crisis management.

Healthcare Security Program Design – We utilize our consulting expertise to tailor holistic security programs for our clients to create an evolving “culture of safety” designed to continuously meet compliance requirements and combat complex threats. We develop a framework for security, assist in the planning of people, process, and technologies, and define security services or metrics.

Healthcare Security Program Accelerator – We address staffing issues by offering a number of remedies to drive operational projects through the solutions lifecycle. We provide expert staff augmentation, market analysis, operational failure analysis, and managed security offerings.

Divurgent Difference

  • Divurgent Difference

    Tailored security solutions to your unique organizational needs

  • Divurgent Difference

    Understanding of EHR, ERP, infrastructure and device vulnerabilities

  • Divurgent Difference

    Extensive healthcare-specific operational and IT leadership experience

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