As a nationally recognized company focused on providers and payers, we are committed to the healthcare IT evolution, deploying customized, scalable solutions that help our clients achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of patient care. Our experienced, hands-on team continuously evaluates and addresses industry and market trends to align client goals with the future market state. Divurgent’s payer solution areas, developed to align with our clients’ goals, include Implementation, Transformational, Strategic Advisory, Payer Technologies, and Data Analytics.

Implement & Support

Preparing an organization for one of the largest, most complex changes it will undergo requires strategic, proven solutions. Our Payer Implementation Services cover the full spectrum of technology and organizational readiness from pre-implementation planning to post-implementation support.


Transformational Services encompass the strategic tools, planning methodologies, and effective accelerators required to take your enterprise solutions, consumer strategies, and operational investments – “before, during, and after” – to reach next-level maximization and achieve sustainable organizational agility.

Strategic Advisory

Our team delivers cutting-edge consulting services and thoughtful, customized solutions for today’s top-of-mind healthcare IT challenges and programs, enabling payers to best manage critical next steps for positive, long-term results.


As a recognized leader in healthcare solutions, Divurgent is focused on the technical applications and systems that support payer operations. Our team is uniquely positioned to partner with you to align goals with future state systems. With over a decade of experience in supporting healthcare organizations, our team bridges the gap between payers and providers and demonstrates expertise in payer technologies and IT infrastructure.


With over a decade of experience in supporting healthcare organizations, our team bridges the gap between payers and providers, ACO’s and IDN’s and demonstrates expertise in data analytics. We assist organizations in analyzing the complexities of delivering healthcare by leveraging analytical tools and our industry experience. Our solution helps to improve quality and reduce costs. We also ensure that your organization achieves data analytics program goals, quickly adapts to the changing needs of the industry, and rapidly brings time-to-value.

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