Transformational Services encompass the strategic tools, planning methodologies, and effective accelerators required to take your enterprise solutions, consumer strategies, and operational investments – “before, during, and after” – to reach next-level maximization and achieve sustainable organizational agility.

Solution Structure

Transformation of any kind can be a daunting experience for any organization. Our highly experienced team will help you to navigate the changes and enable you to achieve your targeted end goals. Whether you are innovating a new digital footprint, migrating to a new enterprise platform, implementing new reimbursement models, implementing new care models, improving operational workflows, and reducing cost through operational efficiencies through training we are the vendor to partner with.

As examples, partner with organizations to complete key activities, including:

  • Develop a digital health strategy and roadmap
  • Assess current consumer experience and flows
  • Redesign consumer experience and flows
  • Define population health programs and value-based care models
  • Deliver training solutions
  • Assess workflows and business process

Our transformational services are further defined by our insights…


Healthcare is being transformed across the entire industry and payer ecosystem, and it is more important today to find a partner to guide the way to evolve through innovation and business information management. We bring expertise and innovative thinkers to the table to enable the growth and evolution of your organization.


One way to reduce costs is to increase your operational value through workflow improvements and efficiencies. We evaluate and assess workflows and institute efficiencies that reduce costs.


Your enterprise system is an important investment as it provides the technology necessary to operate your organization. Our team will enable positive returns on these investments.

Divurgent Difference

  • Divurgent Difference

    People and organization-centric solutions tailored to organizational goals

  • Divurgent Difference

    Dexterous engagement methodology and approach developed from evidence-based practices

  • Divurgent Difference

    Sustainability-focused delivery to position clients for independent, lasting success

  • Divurgent Difference

    Projects led by experienced, hands-on industry leaders and subject matter experts

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