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Go-Live with Divurgent

Maximize system adoption while minimizing waste during your Go-Live

Divurgent is widely recognized for our systematic approach to go-live management. We uniquely adapt our solution to your needs, deploy our proprietary 360º Assessment Methodology, and partner with your project team to ensure long term success.

Whether you’re deploying a new system or providing routine end user support, Divurgent also provides Virtual Support that enables real-time chat, audio, screensharing, and video support from an AI-enabled chatbot or experienced agent.

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Divurgent’s innovative and cost-effective solutions are designed to generate measurable, positive outcomes. Our data-informed approach can help you identify and respond to areas of low adoption, as well as deploy training programs or interventions in the areas of most need.

ROI Calculator: Calculate Your Savings 

Discover your potential cost savings with Divurgent’s Virtual Go-Live solution in comparison to traditional on-site support. Select from a number of different project criteria and calculate theoretical cost savings from features like virtual or hybrid staffing and chatbot support. 

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Match Subject Matter Knowledge to User Types

Automated routing to agents with knowledge of the module and workflows.

Optimized First Request Resolution

TOBIAS resolves routine requests by providing answers or tip sheets using an artificially intelligent platform.

Tailored Solution

Virtual support solutions are tailored to your specific role types, common issues, and triage process.

Data-Informed Approach

Comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides transparency into request volume, first request resolution, and response quality.

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Virtual Go-Live Support

Go-live with Confidence & Save 30-50% Costs vs. Traditional Onsite Support​

Whether you’re deploying a new system or providing routine end user support, Divurgent’s Virtual Support solution enables real-time chat, audio, screensharing, and video support from an AI-enabled chatbot or experienced agent.

The Microsoft Teams-powered solution routes end-user requests to agents with subject matter expertise within their assigned applications. Our solution also includes an optional AI-enabled chatbot, nicknamed TOBIAS, that answers basic questions, triages issues, and learns from past chat logs. We’ve been able to successfully demonstrate monetary savings and equal- or-better support and adoption outcomes through virtual support provided by TOBIAS and our agents.

Virtual Support Features

  • Intuitive & Friendly UX​
  • Multiple Integration Points (EHR, LMS, ITSM)
  • Scalable Deployment & Rapid Set Up
  • Customizable Programming & Advanced Machine Learning ​
  • Real-time Audio & Video Support w/ Agent Routing ​ ​

How It Works

Divurgent’s approach to go-live is different. We thoughtfully deliver immediate, targeted support to end users and adapt support needs as they evolve hour-by-hour, not daily or weekly. Our methodology enables us to support the most complex system transitions, maximize the value of your go-live budget, and provide high levels of support for physicians and other end users.

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Maximize System Adoption

We uniquely leverage quantitative and qualitative information to both measure system adoption in real-time and deploy support personnel to end users in areas that need help the most.



We use our daily, data-driven, right-sizing approach to optimize levels of support and mitigate unnecessary costs saving most clients 5-10% of initial budgeted go-live costs.

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We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Your complete satisfaction is our goal, and we’re willing to provide a shared risk pricing option as part of the engagement

Sill looking for more? Download a Case Study about one client’s recent experience with Divurgent’s Go-Live solutions. 

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