The Trouble with Setting Your HIMSS Schedule

By Shane Danaher, MBA

I blocked off two 2-hour segments this week to go through the HIMSS schedule and see where I’ll want to spend my time in between meetings. And by consequence of that, what trends I noticed are different than those of last year.

Not terribly surprising based on a recent Divurgent blog post on PHRs, patient engagement seems to be something popping up more than in recent years. I’m interested to see the talk tracks and vendor information on it. Will hospitals start to aggressively use CRM or CRM-like technology to treat the patient relationship the same as other “retailers”? Using all of the data and predictive data they are aggregating, can they use it to suggest preventative or other types of treatment?

It isn’t a far-fetched idea, obviously, but it seems like what you should expect to hear more and more of this year versus the past few in this area. For one, I’m on the fence with it… of course you want better patient engagement, but I quite frankly get annoyed when I get a text message from my dentist trying to “sell me service.” It will be interesting to see what’s recommended as the best practice around communication frequency and events or alerts that actually necessitate that alert.

Sounds like I’ll spend quite a bit of time on that one at HIMSS, but the reality is… it’s probably 4th or 5th of the list of things I want to do while in New Orleans… and that’s of course not including Café Du Monde, which is located at the base of my hotel…

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