Volume 2, Edition 1: Implementing an EMR – A Client/Vendor Perspective

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Implementing an EMR – A Client/Vendor Perspective
Justin Fuller, Bon Secours; Ann Dominech, Divurgent

Implementing an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is a huge undertaking. Any project manager can tell you that there are too many moving parts for one person to get all of the work done alone. Proper planning and preparation improves project quality, positions the implementation for success, and ultimately reduces support costs. Choosing the right partner early in the process, and working together to identify, implement and improvise will help ensure an on-time, on-budget, successful Activation.

Below are two viewpoints, one from the client and from the vendor, which contributed to a successful EMR implementation. >>read more


Achieving an Information Technology Organizational Redesign
Colin Konschak and David Shiple, Divurgent

Our client hired the DIVURGENT Advisory Services team to help them redesign the organizational structure of their Information Technology (IT) Department to align with future initiatives and overall organizational strategy. The IT department was at an interesting crossroad. With their reporting period for stage 1 meaningful use about to begin (with anticipation that they would readily meet the reporting requirements), senior management wanted to take time to conduct a review and ensure the IT organization was structured in an optimal manner to meet business needs. Key questions pursued included:>>read more


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Divurgent Sponsors Winter Wonderland, A Children’s Medical Center Event

winterwonderlandThis past December, Divurgent sponsored the firts Children’s Medical Center Winter Wonderland event. “Staying in a hospital during the holiday season can be difficult for both the children and families. We thought if the children are unable to enjoy the holidays at home, we’d bring the spirit of the season to them,” says Philip Felt, Managing Partner with Divurgent.

Divurgent brought 100 stuffed animals and clothing, coloring books and stickers to the main atrium of the hospital and the team at CMC Plano graciously provided additional..>>read more


>>Healthcare Hot Topics

Rebecca F. H. Hardt

Rebecca F.H. Hardt joined Divurgent this past October 2011 as an Accounting Specialist with over twenty years of management, accounting and finance experience. Rebecca is very involved with volunteer work in the community, has been on the board of directors of several local organizations and currently is a member of Old Dominion Athletic Foundation.


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