Webinar: PHM, Creating a Blueprint

September 23, 2015

Population Health Management, Creating a Blueprint

Date: 09/23/2015

Start Time: 12:00pm EST

End Time: 01:00pm EST

Event Type: CHIME College LIVE

Session Speaker(s): Dana Alexander, Vice President of Clinica Transformation, Divurgent

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Session Description

Population Health Management (PHM) is undeniably the end goal of today’s healthcare providers, and is evidenced across the industry’s move towards technology improvements, data sharing initiatives, innovative care models, and insightful, inventive patient engagement. Dana Alexander, current HIMSS Board of Directors Chair, will delve into the core aspects of PHM that demand specialized strategies for providers looking toward the future of population health. In this presentation we will:

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the current challenges and potential of healthcare’s Big Data revelation
  • Discover how to use data to better understand patient population through risk stratification
  • Explain how targeted care management models better achieve the Triple Aim
  • Discuss use cases of how educated patient engagement can drive accountability