Our Mission

Our Mission

Divurgent is dedicated to improving healthcare by delivering customized client-focused solutions resulting in improved patient outcomes and enhanced operational efficiencies for our clients and the communities they serve.

Our Vision

Our methods are proven, our team is strong, and our passion enables us to transform healthcare.

Divurgent, Defined

Our team is often asked what “Divurgent” means. First, be assured it is not a typo that we have been missing all of these years, though a spell-checker may tell you differently.

When our founders, Colin and Philip, created this organization they were deeply motivated by two foundational concepts: first, that this organization would be like no other consulting firm ever created, and second, that it was going to help clients overcome some of the most pressing, existential problems in order to drive their success. There were two separate, but similar-sounding words in our founders’ minds that best described those concepts: divergent and urgent.

When you are divergent, you are moving away from an ordained path or a standard way of looking at challenges and opportunities—going far beyond what is expected. When you are operating in an urgent manner, you are earnestly and persistently working with a sharp focus on issues that require immediate action or attention.

Somehow, both concepts had to be encompassed. Only a fusion of those two terms would suffice in defining what our founders were striving to build, so they created one: Divurgent. The name expresses their passion for innovation. It speaks of our team’s dynamic drive, full of energy and new ideas for transforming operational, financial, and healthcare outcomes.

Finally, you may have noticed the variation in the “V” in our logo, with the line going out into infinity. This design element emphasizes that divergence is limitless, as are our solutions.

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