Strategic Advisory

Our team delivers cutting-edge consulting services and thoughtful, customized solutions for today’s top-of-mind healthcare IT challenges and programs, enabling payers to best manage critical next steps for positive, long-term results.

Solution Structure

We guide and advise you through every strategic decision your IT organization is faced with. You’ll work directly with an experienced advisory consultant team and gain access to industry experts to ensure you have the needed information to make those strategic decisions and directional shifts.  During these critical moments, we assess your underlying factors around the topic, build out a detailed result report, advise on next steps, and create a formal a decision roadmap.

Our healthcare industry and technical advisory consultant team will lead your IT organization through key activities, including:

  • Assessing your healthcare security platform and programs
  • Developing your healthcare security governance, risk, and compliance (GRC)
  • Designing your healthcare security programs and accelerating those programs
  • Setting up an Application Managed Services (AMS)
  • Conducting an assessment and justifying your applications
  • Assessing and recommending a decommissioning and archiving roadmap
  • Establishing business continuity
  • Establishing a turn-key compliance reporting portal
  • Evolving and maturing data governance programs
  • Modernizing data storage, structure, and usage

Our strategic advisory services are further defined by our insights…


Today’s healthcare industry is constantly evolving. We help to set an executive strategy that will optimize your organization’s value in the healthcare industry.


Getting information in the hands of consumers to improve overall wellness and preventive care is vitally important.


We bring a population-centric focus that can help to deliver new strategic reimbursement and value-based care models.


Implement an effective, sustainable Information Security (IS) Program that would provide for the safety of the organization, members, providers, employees, and data.

Divurgent Difference

  • Divurgent Difference

    Deep Technical Knowledge: Team of former CIOs, SMEs, researchers, and clinicians

  • Divurgent Difference

    Unique Partnerships: Access to premier industry solutions partners

  • Divurgent Difference

    Flexible Approach: Adaptable, scalable, and customized solutions from start-to-finish

  • Divurgent Difference

    Healthcare Expertise: Sole focus on and experience in the healthcare industry

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