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Digital Strategy Services

Move from pockets of brilliance to an enterprise of excellence

All healthcare entities – from payers, providers, and payviders – are looking for a cohesive digital experience across their patients and members. Achieving an enjoyable digital experience for customers is difficult, however, and often times can feel impossible. Many organizations are faced with disjointed experiential and digital technologies, siloed governance groups, and de-prioritization of digital experience. Managing the pace of digital technologies, navigating the vendor landscape, and creating a truly customer-centric experience is a balancing act, and on top of day-to-day priorities, many organizations are dropping the ball.

Divurgent is here to help. Our team of digital accelerators and experienced technicians will empower your team with a clear roadmap, actionable strategic plan, clarity of vision, and tactical expertise to see your project through. An advisor you can trust, a partner with empathy, and truly exceptional talent are what you can expect with Divurgent.

Digital Maturity Modeling & Competitive Analysis

We deliver state-of-the-art assessments and industry respected benchmarks from HIMSS, CHIME, and KLAS.

Strategy & Roadmap

We ensure benefits are actualized by developing a plan with you that contains measurable & prioritized objectives and key results.

Solution Matching & Implementation

We aid you with identifying technology & partnerships that align with your strategy.

Consumer-centric Experience

We put people first and focus on enabling inclusive experiences backed by research and design.

Data Accountability

We help identify opportunities for centralization, reliability, and seamless flow of data that powers and measures digital experiences.

Digital Governance

We help you build effective structure & processes to support your transformation at scale.

White Paper

Digital Acceleration in Healthcare

Learn how to design and accelerate digital healthcare experiences that are seamlessly integrated and leave your healthcare consumers happy. Download the White Paper now. 

Meet Our Subject Matter Experts

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Sarah Brandt

SVP, Delivery
Sarah Brandt is a digital transformation leader with over 14 years of experience partnering with organizations to rethink their approaches to consumer and employee experience. She has partnered with integrated health systems, data analytics and digital technology providers, and clients to structure and execute strategic initiatives that drive measurable improvement in health, well-being, and business outcomes. She is passionate about helping cross-functional teams standardize and scale operations using data, technology, human capital, automation, and process re-engineering.

More About Our Solutions

We incorporate EHR and non-EHR data and optimize operational processes to deliver a more comprehensive and effective approach to delivering the right care at the right time for the right cost. We leverage the best of care team innovation, process improvement, and technology to deliver tangible improvements in care management activities and outcomes for patients.

Customer journey mapping and understanding the technology touchpoints at each stage is the foundation of building a seamless customer experience.

This focused assessment accelerates your ability to identify opportunities to optimize existing technology or implement new tools to better engage with your customers. The recommended changes are intended to promote customer retention, improve loyalty, and increase purchase frequency and average spend from customers.

Overall healthcare expenditures are on the rise and expected to grow due to an increasingly aging population and an increase in chronic and complex diseases, which requires more healthcare cost per customer. The need to better manage these populations is critical. One effective way for payers to do this is to implement population health programs targeted at critical, high utilizers, moderate risk, and healthy populations. Divurgent’s clinical and value-based care leaders evaluate your current programs, identify new programs, and implement programs to unlock savings. 

As the industry shifts from a volume-based business model to a value-based business model, healthcare data is an important facilitator to this shift. Leveraging analytics in a value-based business model will lead to innovation and insight on where to provide more targeted engagement and care plans. Not only do analytics improve decision making but it also improve outcomes, quality, and performance. It is important that organizations possess the tools and techniques to analyze data, and our team of experts and solutions can do just that. 

Healthcare expenditures are on the rise, in part, due to aging populations and patients with chronic diseases, which make up 40% of the total U.S. population and account for 75% of healthcare spending.

We help organizations work smarter, not harder, to reduce costs by performing an assessment to identify areas of opportunity. Our typical customers explore opportunities to leverage predictive analytics and dashboards to prevent unnecessary admissions, deploy preventative care programs, and better engage with members outside traditional care settings.

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