Our partner-driven solutions are developed to align with our client’s needs and goals.

Divurgent is in a unique market position, with the client-focused, responsive characteristics of a boutique consulting firm paired with the benefits of a company designed to provide complex, scalable solutions to both small and large healthcare organizations. This value is evidenced in both our people and the organization and delivery of our services.

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Implementation Services

End-to-End. Peer-to-Peer. Plan-to-Deploy.

Preparing an organization for one of the largest, most complex changes it will undergo requires strategic, proven solutions. Divurgent’s Implementation Services cover the full spectrum of technology and organization readiness, from pre-implementation planning, to organizational readiness, to technical build and training. Supporting our clients through every stage of implementation planning and readiness, we prepare for the seamless transition into our full-spectrum Activation Management.
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Activation Services

Plan. Communicate. Deploy.

With the time sensitive nature of implementing healthcare information technologies and processes, Divurgent has developed a tested and successful Activation Management methodology, Activate!, to assist organizations in implementing financial and clinical technologies. Our Activation teams provide management, training, support, and execution around and within workflow and technology implementations.
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Transformational Services

Unlock the Potential. Maximize the Value.

Transformational Services encompass the strategic tools, planning methodologies, and effective accelerators required to take your company’s investments – “before, during, and after” – to reach next-level maximization and achieve sustainable organizational agility.
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Strategic Advisory Services

Complex Challenges. Customized Solutions.

Divurgent’s Strategic Advisory team delivers cutting-edge consulting services and thoughtful, customized solutions for today’s top-of-mind healthcare IT challenges and programs, enabling health systems to best manage critical next steps for positive long-term results.
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Financial Advisory Services

Improve. Streamline. Optimize.

Using proven, results-driven methodologies, Divurgent’s Financial Advisory consultants help clients conquer current and future healthcare financial challenges by improving margin management, streamlining supply-chain operations, optimizing revenue reimbursement, and more.
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