Divurgent is driven by people.

Divurgent is a solutions provider focused on what matters most to our client partners. We disrupt the typical value equation by using data-infused, flexible, and scalable solutions that demonstrate and quantify value for our partners.

We are committed to IT evolution, deploying tailored solutions that help our client partners achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of customer experience. 

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Throughout Divurgent’s history, we have experienced year-over-year growth measured in both revenue and employee headcount. We take great pride in our private ownership, stay true to our ELITE values, and are committed to redefining the consulting industry.

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Our ELITE Values

Excellence, Learning, Innovation, Trust, Enthusiasm—these are the ELITE Values that drive us to be more and do more—to redefine consulting and transform healthcare for our clients and the communities they serve. We are passionate about providing innovative solutions that offer our clients the opportunity to improve customer experiences and enhance operational efficiencies. Staying true to our values, mission, and our vision of a passionate Team has given us the tools to be a successful firm both externally and internally, growing both as a company and as a Team.


Deliver and strive for excellence in all that you do and say


Foster a learning environment


Be forward-thinking in leadership, problem-solving, and delivery


Through integrity and ethics, establish and build mutual respect


Be energetic and take the initiative


In recent years, Divurgent has received distinguishing honors from organizations such as KLAS Research for outstanding service delivery in multiple performance categories and ranks in the top 10 on Modern Healthcare Magazine’s list of The Best Places to Work in Healthcare, making the list for 7 consecutive years. Other accolades and recognitions we’ve received over the years include Inc. Magazine’s 5000 List of Fastest-Growing Firms, CIO Review’s 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers. Our industry partners include CHIME, HIMSS, and, most recently, a premier vendor membership with KLAS’s Arch Collaborative.

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Why "Divurgent"?

Our team is often asked what “Divurgent” means. First, be assured it is not a typo that we have been missing all of these years, though a spell-checker may tell you differently.

When our founders, Colin and Philip, created this organization they were deeply motivated by two foundational concepts: first, that this organization would be like no other consulting firm ever created, and second, that it was going to help clients overcome some of the most pressing, existential problems in order to drive their success. There were two separate, but similar-sounding words in our founders’ minds that best described those concepts: divergent and urgent.

When you are divergent, you are moving away from an ordained path or a standard way of looking at challenges and opportunities—going far beyond what is expected. When you are operating in an urgent manner, you are earnestly and persistently working with a sharp focus on issues that require immediate action or attention.

Somehow, both concepts had to be encompassed. Only a fusion of those two terms would suffice in defining what our founders were striving to build, so they created one: Divurgent. The name expresses their passion for innovation. It speaks of our team’s dynamic drive, full of energy and new ideas for transforming operational, financial, and healthcare outcomes.

Finally, you may have noticed the variation in the “V” in our logo, with the line going out into infinity. This design element emphasizes that divergence is limitless, as are our solutions.