Windows 10 Projects: Three Key Milestones

Windows 10 Projects: Three Key Milestones

by Emily Carlson, Principal Consultant

Recently, my team and I set out to find the key tools for a successful Windows 10 deployment. We think everyone can agree that a strong project management oversite, end user communication, and a well thought out deployment process are all vital tools to have, but what else is involved? In search of the answer, we identified three topics that we think are just as important, but maybe not addressed as visibly in project planning discussions.

  1. Application Rationalization
  2. Encryption Methodology
  3. Ongoing Operational Support of the Windows 10 Environment

The process of application rationalization is a key component in the planning and test phases for an upgrade project. Many legacy systems, especially in clinical settings, don’t function properly on Windows 10. Above and beyond, there are times when, for web-based applications, you may need to consider switching browsers. The process of testing applications can draw on operational resources, but the impact of not doing this properly will lead to operational issues when the applications no longer function appropriately after deployment.

Along with testing the applications themselves, it is just as important to ensure that any applications built via SCCM, or other toolsets follow a well-documented test plan. If not, you may find that changes are required to the package.

Don’t wait for a security breach to review your encryption policy! Unfortunately, encryption is often only reviewed when a security issue arises. We think that a Windows 10 deployment is the perfect opportunity to review your device encryption process and implement it to the highest standards possible.

Are you encrypting every device or just laptops? Are you now using the XTS-AES-256 standard? What toolsets are you using? MBAM? Bitlocker? What about USB devices being forced to encrypt to keep your information secure?

These key questions should be addressed to continue the security of your environment, but are often glossed over due to shortened time or it not being a ‘hot topic’ for the deployment; however, with all of the new security features that are inherent with Windows 10, we feel it is an appropriate time to review your encryption policies and polish them up!!

A Windows 10 project represents an ongoing change that will impact your organization for years to come. For ultimate success, it is critical to plan for long term operational support as part of your post-upgrade operations. The new update process for Windows 10 is built to be less burdensome, in the long run, to provide a continual stream of updates; allowing you to minimize the large investments it takes for past upgrades. With proper planning, this is very true! Keeping your inventory current, engaging a Pilot group of operational users to provide an active role in testing as each new feature release becomes available, and test environments are key!

Let’s continue the conversation! Join our free webinar on October 18th at 9AM EST as we look further into what goes into a successful Windows 10 deployment. To RSVP please email events@divurgent.com.

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