Divurgent Launches Growth and Customer Experience Program

Divurgent Launches Growth and Customer Experience Program

Steve Weichhand to lead the new arm of Divurgent, focused on solution and market expansion and customer satisfaction.

October 29, 2019, Virginia Beach, VA – Divurgent, an internationally recognized healthcare IT consulting company, announced today that they have developed and launched a new internal department focused on identifying and expanding into new markets, nurturing client and consultant relationships, and continuing to drive high levels of customer satisfaction.

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“Looking for opportunities to adapt and extend our solution portfolio is part of Divurgent’s DNA,” said Weichhand, now Vice President of Growth and Customer Experience, “so this initiative isn’t necessarily a net-new focus, but rather an effort to refine and formalize what’s already engrained in our culture.” The mission of the new division is to create new or to scale existing tools and processes to meet the changing demands of the healthcare IT marketplace.

Last year, Divurgent was rated highest in the healthcare IT industry by KLAS Research in Adaptability & Innovative Solutions, according to customer feedback. “Hearing our customers say that we’re the best in adapting our approaches and methodologies to meet their specific project needs really hit home with us,” said Shane Danaher, Chief Operating Officer, “for that reason, we looked inward and chose to take that to the next level, and Steve is the perfect fit to lead this new division.”

Steve Weichhand will transition fully from his position as Vice President of Professional Services to Vice President of Growth and Customer Satisfaction at the start of 2020.

Divurgent is not the typical healthcare consulting firm. As a nationally recognized company focused on the business of hospitals, health systems, payers, and affiliated providers, we are committed to healthcare IT evolution, deploying customized, scalable solutions that help our clients achieve improved operational effectiveness, financial performance, and quality of patient care. Learn more at www.divurgent.com.

Brittany Williams
Director, Marketing

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