Physician Efficiency Program

Physician burnout is an epidemic facing healthcare systems today. Physicians commonly complain of spending too much time documenting administrative information, not spending enough time interacting with patients and charting after hours or on weekends. With minor changes to physician workflow, EHR configuration, and key business processes, physicians can dramatically reduce the amount of time spent in the EHR.

Our physician efficiency program drives value through technology-enabled process improvements. We partner with your IT, informatics, training, and operational teams to develop a program focused on physician personalization and technology improvements. With a structured physician efficiency program, organizations have been able to strengthen IT credibility and end-user engagement.

The primary factors that gave me such high satisfaction with Divurgent are that they always brought a feeling that they were there to serve our objective. They provided guidance, but ultimately, they were there to accomplish whatever we brought them in to accomplish. Our experience was always positive. Any time there were differences of opinion, they told us why they thought something was a better option. However, at the end of the day, they worked very well with us to find a balance and to actually close projects and get things done.

Director, Health System

Solution Structure

Today, an unprecedented amount of data exists that can be leveraged to improve operational performance. Our ‘secret sauce’ is a combination of customized system usage reports and targeted peer-to-peer physician personalization that drives immediate value in the form of increased physician satisfaction, greater operational efficiency, and decreased physician burnout. Upon completion of the program, our team partners with your training and informatics teams to operationalize the personalization techniques.

Program components include:

  • System usage data-driven tailored dashboards to target optimization efforts
  • Peer-to-Peer Personalization
  • EHR Optimization
  • Governance and communication process recommendations

Divurgent Difference

  • Divurgent Difference

    System usage dashboards

  • Divurgent Difference

    Network of physician EHR experts available for peer-to-peer physician personalization

  • Divurgent Difference

    Experience designing and optimizing EHR change management, communication and governance models

  • Divurgent Difference

    Ability to improve processes & tools by ‘fine-tuning’ what already exists, rather than creating from scratch

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