SUCCESS STORY: Physician Efficiency

BACKGROUND: The client is a regional health care system located in the Northeastern United States. Divurgent was engaged to improve physician efficiency for the approximately 1000 physicians on staff.


SOLUTION: Divurgent’s Physician Efficiency Program is deployed through three specific solution areas.

  • Analyzing EHR Usage Reports – through reviewing reports generated through an EHR and qualitative reports from different physicians, departments, and stakeholders, Divurgent puts a comprehensive list together of areas for efficiency and process improvements. After a full, exhaustive report on how to improve physician efficiency, Divurgent worked with the client to prioritize high-impact workflows, processes, and general areas of improvement.
  • Peer-to-peer Training – our physician experts met 1:1 with our client’s physicians to develop tools for your team to operationalize workflow and process improvements long-term
  • Optimization – Finally, we partnered with the client to optimize existing tools and processes through strategic governance, communication, and system optimization.


RESULTS:  By project end, the Divurgent team ensured physicians gained 83 hours per year in efficiency, and the organization regained $2.49 million per year in time savings. Below is a full breakout of Project Scope and Time Savings Calculations:

Physicians included in Personalization sessions

Estimated Time Savings/Visit

Physicians Who Saw 5 Min/Visit Efficiency Improvements

Average Patients/Day/Physician

Average Working Days/Year

Total Patient Visits/Year for Physicians with Efficiency Improvements

= 1000

= 5 Min/Visit

= 20% (200

= 10

= 200

= 400,000

Total Physician Time Savings = 33,333 hours


Of the total saved physician hours of 33,333, half of those hours (16,666) were given back to the physician and half were put back into the hospital at an average cost of $150/hour, equating to $2.49M in total financial impact to the client. The hours back to the physician in personal time correlates to higher physician satisfaction and lower physician turnover.


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